Optiflow™ Nasal Cannula


The AIRVO 2 optiflow nasal cannula for adults is a replacement nasal cannula with a unique wide bore which can deliver up to 60 L/pm. Spontaneously breathing patients receive respiratory support by providing heated, humidified air and oxygen.

The Airvo 2 Optiflow Nasal Cannula has a unique design that allows patients to drink, communicate, and eat comfortably in comparison to typical oxygen masks. This design helps promote patient compliance and comfort by allowing more freedom of movement. The soft cheek pads make the optiflow nasal cannula for adults highly stable and reduce pressure to the face, which reduces irritation and pressure point marks. The contoured nasal prongs are designed to be more streamlined, allowing them to fit more comfortably.

The customizable head strap eliminates loose ends around the face, which in turn creates a soft, secure fit. EvaquaTM Technology found in the tubing reduces the amount of condensation that forms by allowing water vapors to diffuse more easily.

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Optiflow™ Nasal Cannula

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow Nasal Cannula Benefits

  • The myAIRVO2 Optiflow nasal cannula delivers warm, humid oxygen to the patient. It can deliver very high nasal flow rates.
  • Has the ability to provide high flows without patient discomfort and adverse side effects like septal breakdown, bleeding, and nasal drying.
  • Allows practitioners and family members to easily care for patients.
  • Higher flows can be used due to the effects of heat and molecular humidity.

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow High Flow Nasal Cannula Features

1. Evaqua™ Technology reduces the formation of mobile condensate. Water vapour may readily diffuse through the tube walls thanks to the permeable membrane.

2. Dual connector fits all F&P circuits

3. Customizable head strap provides a secure, soft fit. There are no slack straps around the face. StretchwiseTM technology is used to create a softer, tubular material.

4. Headstrap clip removes the need for a lanyard. Supports the circuit’s weight and prevents the cannula from becoming dislodged when used in conjunction with the tubing clip.  By keeping the cannula tubing away from the mouth, it makes eating, drinking, and conversing easier than with face masks.

5. Soft cheek pads designed to add stability and reduce pressure on the face. Improved connection between the cheek pad and the head strap to prevent unintended disconnection. Setup and troubleshooting are made easier with three color-coded sizes.

6. Contoured prongs for a softer, streamlined fit. Anatomical design improves ventilation and allows you to sit comfortably in your nares. The concave base was created to relieve strain on the septum. Contoured to blend in with the curve of the top lip without becoming overpowering.

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