Evora™ Compact Full Face Mask


Introducing F&P Evora™ Full, our new compact full-face CPAP* mask.

Evora Full is minimal contact with full performance featuring our next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™. This F&P Evora Full FitPack includes three cushion sizes — Extra Small, Small-Medium, and Large — so you’ll be sure to get your best fit right out of the box.

Parts & Accesories

Evora™ Compact Full Face Mask

F&P Evora Full: Performance Made Compact.

Discover the F&P Evora Full Face CPAP Mask, the new compact mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Evora Full delivers comfort with minimal contact, allowing you to move and sleep freely without compromise. Evora Full has an under-the-nose seal that provides a clear line of sight, while the unique design of the seal keeps the mask comfortably in place.


  • Full performance with minimal contact.
  • Minimal Design
  • Comfortable Seal
  • Breathable Comfort
  • Sleep Quietly
  • Three Sizes Included To Provide A Custom Fit
  • Help When You Need it with the MyMask App

Minimal Design: The minimal design of the under-the-nose seal provides a clear line of sight.
Comfortable Seal: Soft thin silicone sits comfortably under your nose to minimize pressure, while the structured frame provides a stable seal.
Breathable Comfort: Headgear with VentiCool technology allows heat and moisture to dissipate from the head for a comfortable night’s sleep.
Sleep Quietly: Designed to minimize noise for a good night’s sleep.
Evora Full features our next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™, where the ‘Floating’ Seal is supported by Stability Wings. These technologies work together to allow freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place. The Stability Wings provide structural support, enabling the floating seal to be more flexible and comfortable.

*We refer to CPAP in this instance, but this may also include other positive airway pressure device modes such as APAP or Bilevel. Masks must be used with a PAP device to deliver therapy.

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