Our F&P Nasal CPAP masks, provide a comfortable fit is a common treatment for sleep apnea, which is a sleeping problem that put off normal breathing sequence and prevents deep sleep. A Nasal CPAP mask or ‘Nasal continuous positive airway pressure is a non-surgical healing treatment, which provides a stable air flow to the lungs through the nose. But using the Nasal CPAP mask, this problem can be cured, along with other meditation. The machine provides continues airflow through the mask and tube.  It carries calculated pressure, thus muscles or tissues won’t collapse and block the airway path. Example: Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks.

Advantages of Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks:

  • Remedy from congestion problems and nasal obstructions.
  • Daily use improves sleep quality.
  • Enough sleeps leads to better mental health and less anxiety.
  • Enhanced concentration and memory due to enough sleep.
  • The overall productivity will increase.

Today, every one of the Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks are well-known by OSA patients and approved on most hospitals. Fisher and Paykel have a wide range of Nasal CPAP masks that are the result shown from years or research and development. Some of their most popular Nasal CPAP masks are- F&P Eson™ and Eson2™.

F&P Eson™:

The F&P Eson™ or ‘Fisher and Paykel Eson’ is a popular mask from Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks. These award-wining masks will perform accordingly your needs. They consist of three main components; Easy Frame, ErgoFit™ Headgear and RollFit™ Seal. They are superbly designed and perform perfectly.

Benefits of F&P Eson™:


  • Easy to clean:
    The F&P Eson™ has three simple parts, which makes the cleaning procedure painless. Reassembling is also effortless.
  • The F&P Eson™ mask is very quiet with the minimum draft, which supports a deep sleep of your bed partner and hospital patients.
  • Longer Life span:  The easy components like- Easy Frame, ErgoFit™ Headgear and RollFit™ Seal permits longer use of this mask; which can last several years. It can also be used by multiple people after the proper sterilization process.


These masks come in three different sizes for a comfortable fit – F&P Eson Mask- S, F&P Eson Mask- M and F&P Eson Mask- L. The Eson Fit Pack product includes all three seal sizes for the same price.

F&P Eson2™:

The new F&P Eson™ 2 is another popular product by Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks. With more than 20 design improvements the F&P Eson™ 2 is several steps ahead in comfort, relaxation, and amenity. For the most demanding users satisfaction, F&P yet again improved nasal masks performance while prioritizing fitting and comfort. Any CPAP user will feel confident while wearing this mask.

Why the F&P Eson™ 2 is better:

  • Easy Assembly:
    The F&P Eson™ 2 mask has just 4 simple components: Easy Frame, Intuitive headgear, Rollfit Seal, and Washable Diffuser. For this reason, it’s very easy to clean and can be used by multiple patients for a longer time period.
  • The VisiBlue™:
    The VisiBlue™ highlight technology in F&P Eson™ 2 provides visual cues for easy, quick and effortless disassembly and reassembly by the CPAP user or CPAP patient. It will also guide for the fitting of the mask.
  • Ideal Design:
    The R&D team from Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks came with this new design while maintaining the comfort level and performance. Now with an adjustable Headgear, the patients can now adjust the fitting options, providing the ability to expand the mask precisely over the head.
  • Easy to use: With just 4 simple steps, the mask can be ready to use by the CPAP patients or users.

While the F&P Eson™ and F&P Eson™ 2 are the very last Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks, older masks like Zest™, Zest™ Q, FlexiFit™ 405, FlexiFit™ 406Petite, and FlexiFit™ 407 are also popular products which remain on the market. CPAPflow.com carries a full catalog of original F&P nasal mask replacement parts for every model.

In conclusion, the F&P Eson™ and F&P Eson™ 2 by Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks are one of the few masks available in the market, which gained huge popularity and user satisfaction. With uncountable happy customers, these masks are not just effective, it delivers joyful life for you and your partner.


Sterilization and Disinfection Process for the masks:

In the case of longtime use or multiple patients use in the hospitals, all Fisher & Paykel CPAP nasal masks should be disinfected and sterilized properly to avoid any contamination or potential health risks. It’s critical to perform this process if the nasal mask is used by multiple patients. In the case of home use, the CPAP mask also needed to be cleaned from time to time. Hospitals should use ‘High-level thermal disinfection’ and ‘High-level chemical disinfection’ for the sterilization process. If you using the F&P Eson™ and F&P Eson™ 2 in your home, make sure you follow the proper disassemble and assemble guide, provided by the brand. Never clean the mask with any alcohol, bleach, anti-bacterial, antiseptic or moisturizer containing cleaning agents.

Some complications like- Inflamed Skin, Runny Nose, Earache, or Sore Eyes, Claustrophobic feel, Dry Mouth, etc can be seen after regular use, but it depends or changes person to person.