Have you been searching the internet for masks for your CPAP machine ?   If you have then you are in luck because we can help you with the different varieties of masks available that can help you with Obstructive Sleep Apnea issues.  Every masks  is universal and work with any CPAP device.

Now finding the correct mask that works best for you and your personal needs will be unique to you. Fortunately, we have a variety of continuous positive airway pressure masks available. We have them in different styles, sizes, as well as shapes. Don’t feel overwhelmed as there is no single mask that works for every person. What we can do is show you the available styles of mask that will fit you personally according your breathing patterns and sleeping comfort.

Sleep is one of the most important things in a persons life and having good quality sleep will improve your health dramatically. We will give you some information below and different reviews of the masks that can meet your criteria and best of all they work with any CPAP machine. There are different types of CPAP machine masks and this page will help outline the high quality types available that are brought to you by world renown Fisher & Paykel company.

Full Face Masks

For people who may need a mouth breathing solution for their sleep apnea equipment we offer full face masks that are durable and comfortable and a proven aid to ensure better sleep. This form of CPAP machine masks is a top option for its light weight design and the fact it allows clear vision with no obstruction. The mask is comfortable and durable and features silicone cushion padding which gives you a higher and deeper quality of sleep with less discomfort. The Fisher & Paykel Simplus model is one of the most requested devices currently on the market. With it’s sleek design and emphasis on comfort those who breathe with their mouth continue to find this to be the best solution.


Might NOT be right for you if you feel claustrophobic

Full Face Mask might be right for you if:

You are a mouth breather

Experience chronic nasal obstruction or congestion

Nasal Masks might be right for you if:

Don’t want something in your nose

Need a mask that is easy to seal and fit

Nasal Masks

Some people may choose to purchase a nasal mask because of its feature of offering stability and a great seal. This can come in a variation of styles and sizes and offer comfortable gel or silicone cushions. Some people find the nasal version are the best CPAP machine masks solution for them.  The popular Eson2 nasal mask model offered by Fisher & Paykel is a continued leader for those who need comfort, a deep sleep and as little obstruction possible. This is the preferred mask for many sleep apnea patients as it steadily continues to be a top choice among people around the world struggling with sleep apnea diagnosis.

Might NOT be right for you if you are a mouth breather

Nasal Pillow Masks


Many people looking for CPAP machine masks enjoy the benefits of the popular nasal pillow version for good reason. These CPAP machine masks offer minimal design, being the smallest mask type  because they sit on the users upper lip and blow pressurized air through two nostril tubes that go inside the nose and are secured by a strap. The F&P Brevida is known to be lightweight, very comfortable and less obtrusive as other masks styles . Some people enjoy as minimal design as possible making the Brevida mask to be their preferred solution. This model allows users a better field of vision, is less bulky and it is known to have less leakage than other masks.

Might NOT be right for you if you have very sensitive nostrils or are a mouth breather

Nasal Pillows Mask might be right if:

You feel claustrophobic

Want a clear line of sight

Want a smaller mask

The style of mask you utilize is incredibly important for your CPAP therapy and choosing the correct model is of prime importance. Becoming aware of your breathing patterns while being fitted for CPAP machine masks is important and having the right equipment will give you greater comfort and the rewards of comfort. deeper sleep and vital health. Fisher & Paykel is a world leading CPAP machine masks manufacturer with many styles and models to choose from. 

Browse through our website to find the best CPAP machine masks and solutions available for your sleep apnea therapy needs. Whether you are searching for a nasal pillows mask, a full face mask or nasal mask you will have your needs covered here at this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team, who would be more than happy to assist you with your needs. F&P CPAP machine masks are universal and can be integrated with any CPAP device you may already own and will give you the sleep and comfort you deserve.