F&P Simplus™ – the Full face CPAP mask

The Full face CPAP mask is a popular configuration adopted by a wide range of patients for their CPAP therapy treatment.

A full face CPAP mask covers the patient’s nose and mouth and part of the face, using side straps to ensure proper fitting so the mask remains in place. Physicians recommend full face CPAP masks to patients who sleep on their back, breathe through their mouth while sleeping, or show other medical problems like- allergies, which prevent them from breathing properly through their nose, or they just need a high-pressure CPAP applied.

Advantages of a full face CPAP mask:

  1. These Face masks are perfect for mouth-breathers and where the nasal mask or chinstrap combination is less effective.
  2. For repeated blockage in nasal obstructions due to cold symptoms or allergies, the full face masks are the most recommended solution.
  3. For those patients who required a high-pressure CPAP applied, and sleeps in the supine position, the Full face CPAP mask is optimal for them.

The award-winning ‘F&P Simplus™

The F&P Simplus™ or ‘Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask’ is the latest, most popular Full Face Mask, which is advised by medical personals. With effective research and development of the full face technology, they can finally able to deliver a full face mask that is very comfortable and respectively cost savings.

With state of the art features like- Advanced Air Diffuser, ErgoForm™ headgear, RollFit™ Seal technology, and FlexiFit Technology these full face mask offer easy-Clip attaching mechanism. The light frame and adjustable fitting provide the maximum comfort if one needs to use it repeatedly for a very long period.

There are many benefits of this ‘Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask’. Let’s discuss them briefly-


Easy to use:

  • Because it only has three key components, it’s very easy to wear. The components are- RollFit Seal, ErgoForm Headgear and EasyFrame. For the first use, only three adjustments needed to properly fit the mask.
  • RollFit Seal: RollFit Technology decrease pressure on the bridge of the nose. The     RollFit Seal include ‘Integrated Stability Panels’ thus the sealing performance will improve. The Advanced Air Diffuser will reduce the noise and draft.
  • ErgoForm™ headgear: The headgear design allows unrestricted movement of the head while the mask is in use. The non-stretchable panel allows to hold the strap and also starchy where it’s necessary. This way, comfort, and usability went peak

Effortless cleaning:

Because it has minimum small parts, this F&P Simplus™ is very simple to clean. The ‘Easy-Clip’ Frame makes sure while disassemble and reassemble is going to be a painless process.

 Rules for properly use the F&P Simplus™ face mask:


    1. Ensure all the parts of the face mask are undamaged and clean.
    2. Meanwhile, the mask should not be used, until the connected Bi-level or CPAP machine is turned on and working properly.
    3. The use of timing should be guided by a physician or medical practitioners.
    4. In case of an allergic reaction on the mask, you need to stop using it immediately.
    5. Keep away any ignition materials while using this mask with oxygen.
    6. Stop using the mask, if the person feels nausea or vomiting occurs.
    7. In the case of multiple person uses, make sure to properly sterilize the mask.
    8. Do not use this mask, if you are having any discomfort like breathing problems, etc.
    9. Never block the exhaust holes using any materials.
    10. Never keep or store this mask in the contact of direct sunlight.

 Ultra Performance:

Additionally, this Full face CPAP mask is the successful result of successful R&D by the qualified team. After many trial and errors, they offered this Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask, which has the best performance in its class. The RollFit™ Seal technology and FlexiFit Technology makes sure of providing better support and high-performance level.

Furthermore, this Full face CPAP mask or F&P Simplus™ is considered as the modern revolutionary mask and purchased by hospitals or individuals with a happy face. As a matter of fact, with thousands of positive happy feedback, the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask is truly a marvelous product that will help patients since it hit the market. If you are having signs of obstructive sleep apnea, then you should ask your doctors for the mask, thus your sure will be effortless.