10-Pack AirSpiral breathing tube & auto-feed chamber


10-Pack AirSpiral heated hreathing tube & disposable water chamber for use with myAirvo2.

AirSpiral™ tube for less condensate

The AirSpiral heated breathing tube for Airvo 2 utilizes an advanced two-spiral design to help
protect against condensate.  We’ve all seen it happen before. When warm, humid gas touches anything even a fraction of a degree colder than itself (i.e. dew point), it cools and generates condensate. We see it often in conventional breathing tubes made of thin, dense plastic: their surfaces are easily cooled by the outside air, resulting in unpleasant “rain-out”.


  • Breathable FlexiTube™ minimizes troublesome mobile condensate compared to a standard oxygen cannula
  • Kink-proof and crush-resistant FlexiTube
  • Adhesive Wigglepads™ easily maintain cannulae stability on cheeks
  • Easy-click connector rotates for convenient movement of patient and breathing circuit
  • Color coded for easy size identification
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