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F&P SleepStyle™ Auto and Eson2™ Mask Fit Pack Bundle

From: $1,034.00

With a comprehensive range of comfort features and thoughtful simplicity woven into its design, the F&P SleepStyle™ is where comfort and simplicity come together to give you a better night’s sleep. Available with or without modem. ( Automated data transfer via cellular network)

The award-wining F&P Eson2™, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s nasal CPAP mask that features a RollFit™ seal,intuitive headgear, and VisiBlue™ color cues.The Simplus Fit Pack includes one Small, one Medium and one Large size mask seal.

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F&P SleepStyle™ Auto and Eson2™ Mask Fit Pack Bundle

Eson2™ Features

1. RollFit Seal:
The innovative RollFit seal automatically adjusts to the bridge of your nose. The RollFit technology also ensures an effective seal is maintained enabling you to experience a precise fit.

2. Intuitive Headgear:
The intuitive headgear of F&P Eson 2 allows for simple fitting and adjustment. The headgear is made of a durable, soft fabric, designed for comfort. It can also be stretched directly over the head for an easy fit, and then adjusted as required.

3. VisiBlue Color Cues:
VisiBlue color cues help you to disassemble, assemble, and orient the mask easily.

SleepStyle™ Features

SensAwake™ – Automatic comfort all night
Exclusive to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, SensAwake technology automatically works throughout the night to detect periods where you might wake up and reduces the pressure to a more comfortable level, allowing you to resume sleep.

Expiratory relief – Breathe more freely
Feel the comfort with every breath. Expiratory relief is designed to automatically relieve air pressure every time you breathe out, to make breathing more comfortable. And when the F&P SleepStyle is paired with our award-winning masks, you can be rest assured of a complete therapy experience.

ThermoSmart™ with AirSpiral™ technology – More than just hot air
Our world-class ThermoSmart™ humidification with AirSpiral™ technology is designed to deliver you a comfortable experience. At 20% lighter than our previous breathing tube, the AirSpiral tube is designed to lessen the pull on your mask, to promote comfort and stability.

F&P SleepStyle™ with Modem

Modem – Automated data transfer via cellular network
The modem sends usage and efficacy data to the cloud on an automatic daily basis, which is especially helpful when others are monitoring the patient’s CPAP usage remotely, and want reliably current data. The modem transmits data through the cellular network within an hour after treatment stops. Alternatively, Bluetooth® technology is available on all F&P SleepStyle models, and enables usage and efficacy data to be sent immediately after the patient stops their treatment and opens the SleepStyle App on their smartphone. Unlike the Modem, with Bluetooth the sleep data is only sent when the SleepStyle App is opened on the patient’s smartphone.

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